What you need to hear if you got rejected on a job interview

"I went to one of my job interviews in a certain office. We were about ten interviewers in that position.

But there is a way I made sure to pass because my friend worked in that office.  Also he was among the interviewee.

So I was sure since my friend was giving me quite enough cooperation.

After the interview, many days passed without a phone call.

I had to check on my friend and he told me to wait. The days counted without any feedback.

I had to check on another relative whom I met through my friend.

I was shocked when a relative told me that your friend had rejected you despite doing well in the interview.

I didn't understand what the problem was because my friend and I didn't have any quarrels. I asked myself many questions that I could not find answers to, but it was true that a friend I relied on refused to let me in their job.

Maybe he was afraid of me because we all took the same course and he knew my abilities.

Final say

God of all, after a few months I managed to get a job in another office.  But to this day I do speak well with my friend even though he does not know that I was told that he was the one who rejected me. "Elias, Njombe.

What moral lesson do you get from to story?
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