We forgive but not forget because some scars are difficult to heal

"We forgive but there are some scars that are very difficult to heal.

 I remember when my father and mother divorced, many words were spoken to my mother.

Unfortunately for my father many of his things were not going well. Maybe it was because of stress or in his new relationship things were not as they used to be.

I did not know what had happened to him.

But all the blame was on my mother. Again shameful accusations saying yes she bewitches my father. Worse, my paternal grandmother was in charge of it.

As a child, I was on my mother's side. We completely cut off contact with my father.

That was in the past, now the kids have grown up and we are helping our mother.

Dad couldn’t make it again from his business. Things have been difficult for him and my grandmother.

Dad is still on his stand. We do not communicate.

But my grandmother often calls for trouble and I help her whenever I'm able to help. I have forgiven it all.

But my mother doesn't like my communication at all with the other side.  Except as a boy/man I have decided to forgive all the past things. Even when I give support to my grandmother, I do not always tell my mother.

Final say

There are times it hurt me a lot because my mother has failed to forgive them completely. Whenever she hears I've contacted the other side, she will call to remind me of what they did to us.

Her words hurt me a lot "Jacob, Njombe.

What moral lesson do you get from this story?
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