Think twice bofore you act, The housegirl and landlady's story

Read this story of a wife who felt her husband was cheating with their housegirl because the girl was very beautiful in shape and look.  She thought of evicting her but her husband completely refused because the girl was a hard worker

Housegirl grew up depriving her boss's wife of sleep.  Every dress she wore pleased her.  Every posture he sat in seemed to be trapped and fear continued to spread to the motherhouse

Worse every weekend night, her husband said he was going to watch football in the living room after a while the wife was hearing grunts in the housegirl's room so she knew it would be her husband betraying her with their housegirl that's why her husband didn't perform well on bed, he gets very tired after one round.

So one weekend the mother decided to send the housegirl to their village to deliver the necessities to her elders, without informing her husband or anyone at home.

That night the husband told his wife as usual that he was going to watch the football on the TV in their living room, the wife agreed and the husband went to the living room.  The wife slowly stomped and sank into the housegirl's room, undressed all the clothes and remained naked as she was born, and lay down on the bed.

After a while, he heard the door slowly open and someone came in and climbed into bed and without question took off his clothes and started eating fruit.

Activity has intensified now, again violent matches, the man scores the fifth goal of the corner, the wife is bewitched, patriotism overpowers her and she finds herself screaming;

"Enough, today I caught you, but that's what you do with a housegirl when you're with me you score only one goal you say you're tired?

The relative was stunned, suddenly replied, "Sorry Madame I didn't know if it was you. I'm your houseboy grass cutter; forgive me please!"

The wife was shocked and shouted because she knew their houseboy was a victim of AIDS.  They hired him to help him because the boy is an orphan, he was born with AIDS and when both of his parents died he was separated from his siblings and so they helped him by hiring him to prune the gardens and unblocking toilets.

The mother's voice hurled her husband into the living room and the husband switched on the whole building lights and then he went to the housegirl's room to find out what had happened to his wife.  When he entered he could not believe his eyes when he saw his wife naked on the bed with their houseboy caressing him.

The poor father could not understand what had happened, he felt like he was dreaming, his wife was numb, the houseboy has nothing to do, the housegirl is in their village and he wasn't informed, then the father suddenly fell unconscious, they took him to the hospital he was already dead.

Remember the landlady has already contracted houseboy AIDS, after her husband's funeral, a few days later the mother died of poisoning as she failed to hide her shame in front of the world and her family.

What moral lesson do you get from this story?
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