The reason why I don't go to church, fun story

“I remember it was on Sunday, I woke up very early at 6 pm.

I prepared myself by wearing the best clothes I liked and went to the church.

Trouser and shirts well ironed and straightened out with my black shined shoe.  I looked at myself in the mirror with a smile and then the journey to the church began.

I arrived at the church very early, there were few people, so I thought it best to sit in the front seat.

The service began, and it was time for collection, we offered.

When the service was about to end, I was chosen by the pastor to do the closing prayer, and the people stood ready for the final prayer so that we can go home.

I stood up very confidently. I feared nothing because I looked very smart that day?.

Surely I don't know what happened to me.

If I spoke too many words then I did not exceed ten.

Suddenly I found myself just standing there in front ran out of words and I am unable to continue praying.

The church was full, they all closed their eyes ready for the closing prayers.

After I stayed quiet for a moment, they just responded "Amen". Then they started laughing at me.

I was embarrassed. From that day on I never went back to church. There are times when I wish I could go to church but I always postpone when I remember what happened to me." Elifazi, Kasulu, Kigoma.

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