Should I listen to my mother? If you are reading this please advise me

"After finishing my higher education at UDSM I was a little confused in the city and I saw things were not going well so I decided to go back to my roots to reorganize.

I managed to open a small business and it helped to support my life.

One day I was with my mother making stories, my mother told me there is a woman here you should marry her I laughed and I just knew it was a joke.

As the days went by my mother continue insisting on the matter, so I decided to move out of the house and go away.

While I was at my new place, my younger brother called me and informed me that the girl was coming home regularly and that she was helping with various chores around the house.

But she also liked to bring my mom small gifts.

When I got hired in the Njombe region I decided to go home to get my mother's blessings before leaving. Mother approved and gave me all the blessings.  But she insisted on returning home to pick up the woman.

This time my mind was totally confused.

Before I left the girl came home and we greeted each other but she didn't look happy. She started complaining to me that she heard I'm leaving and I did not say goodbye or inform her.

What hurts me the most is that the girl is illiterate doesn't know how to read or write.  I wonder even if I marry her how will I live with her?  and I have no feelings for her at all ” Joseph, Njombe.

What is your advice to him?
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