My educational background is a little inspirational

“My educational journey has so many mountains and valleys.

When I was in primary school in Kilwa I was always in the last 10 students in class, fortunately, the introduction of ward schools helped me.

When I got to Secondary school I grew up with a continuation of bad results, I finished my O Level education and scored Division 4 having only one C.

I returned home to Kilwa Kivinje and started fishing activities. At that time I did not think about school again.

Two years later my father told me to go back to school and start Form Two, and he took me to Edmund Rice school in Arusha.

When I got to school I entered the presenter's program (Private Candidate) Class without Dad knowing, I believed within a year I could get two C's, my Dad's thirst was to see me in high school.

I took the test and went back home. My Dad knew I was on holiday. The results came out.

I joined A level HKL, This time I have never been out of the top 10 students in class. Form 6 I got Division 1 Point 9 and went to UDSM to study Journalism.

I graduated with a 3.4 GPA, when I was in my second year of college I worked for ZBC2 and later Azam TV.

And now I'm a Presenter, Analyst and Program Organizer.  Those who watched the Euro ZBC2 Championship will remember me.

Let's not give up on life ". Gharib Mzinga, Dar es salaam.

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