My biggest dream is to renovate the planter machine I made in the 60s

In the 60's I discovered and developed a machine capable of sowing seeds in the field and burying them. I used to call it "Planter".

It attracted so many people that I had to take it to a national exhibition held at the University of Dar es Salaam. They liked the machine and told me to leave so they could research it for further improvements.

I remember Mwalimu Nyerere came to see it.

I gave them the machine and left. Months passed without hearing anything from them. After 10 months they followed me and told me the machine had been stolen so I could make another one.

I was very angry. I refused to do so. They left.

A month later they came back and asked me to construct another one while telling me the first one there was a white man he liked and left with it.

I refused again.

In recent years after hearing about industrial Tanzania, my idea to bring back the "Planter" came back. Due to lack of capital, I started working as a woodcutter to get capital, but I saw young people having trouble carrying heavy logs.

I went back to work making a machine that could carry and load logs on a car.

The machine has been a great help to people.

But my biggest dream is to renovate the "Planter" but I currently have no capital. I am also considering making another machine that will be able to pump water and send it to the fields. I have seen many apricot growers suffer from water shortages.

I'm not educated and I have not studied at all. It is just a talent that God has given me to make these machines ". Ismail Msigwa, Njombe.

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