Keep on moving no matter what, learn from my story

"It was a wonderful family. Our father used to monitor our progress in studies.

Luckily he was a teacher, so he communicated well with our school teacher, the informed even when we did a small mistake.

I remember when I was in form one my father and mother divorced. 

That was the beginning of a new life.  Our father's love diminished completely. It was never like before.

At the age of 14, I became a father (taking father responsibilities). I started supervising my younger siblings' school affairs.

Unfortunately, my mother had no education.

It was the holiday season when we came back with school reports, I started checking on my sibling's reports and acted harshly like a father.

But there was no one to review my report.

My Mom understood nothing about school and studies. This thing killed me a lot considering I was performing well in my studies.

Thankfully I managed to look after my little ones until they finished school, and one of them is looking forward to joining college this year.  I'm graduated and I'm on the street fighting for our daily bread". Dullah, Njombe.

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