Is a degree important for success? My story tells why you shouldn't choose a job

“We should not choose a job as long as it is legal.  I have studied nursing.  But right now I'm making bricks. Continue with this story I'll tell you why I chose this job.

I am 26 years old and I finished my O Level studies a long time ago. Unfortunately, I did not succeed in pursuing higher education but got a chance to go to a nursing school.

When I graduated I went back home and as you know every higher education graduate hopes to be employed. I stayed for almost a year without any activity. I believed I would be hired but it didn't.

I decided to become a construction worker because I saw young people of my age engaging in that activity and they get anything to put in their pocket. A lot of educated people despise this job. I learned little by little to help the technicians until I was able to perform some building tasks by myself and got a building experience.

Thank God things are going well, I do not regret my decisions. I manage to get my daily bread through this job. 

Final say

I'd like to advise my fellow graduate and higher education students, if you do not have a job yet, do not wait for employment, engage yourself in other legal jobs. Just make sure that the project is legal. ”  Peter.

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