I wish I could write my grandmother a love poem

"It was in 2011 when I was selected to go to Form Five while being raised by a maternal grandmother who took care of me after my parents died when I was young.

I was the only child to them.

When I told my grandmother about going to Form Five, she had no money to send me to school.

She got stressed and it was something that made her very uncomfortable.

I started working as a labourer to earn enough money to pay for my school fees, but the situation was a little tough 

The school was opened and we had no money yet.

Grandma decided to sell the roof of her room and she moved into the living room, she used the money to send me to school.

I managed to study and get to university.

Finally, I used my first college loan, to buy her roof again.  I will never forget the great love she showed me.  It was 2020 when she died of throat cancer.

May she rest in peace ". Mtimba, Mwanza.

What lesson do you get here?
Let us know in the comments below. 

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