I'm quite illiterate but I can write my name and count money

“I know how to write my name, how to sign, and how to count money.

I was born in a village in Manyoni district, Lusilile village. I never got a chance to go to school to study.

At the age of 15, I got a job as a housegirl in Mwanza. Then I left the village and went to town for the first time.

When my employer found out that I could not read or write, he became very upset. He wanted me to know because he wanted to take me to sewing courses.

So her kindergarten child used to teach me. Each day the kid returned from school, she taught me how to read and write.

It wasn't easy but I persisted till I knew a few things like writing my name and signing, so I could sign to receive my salary because my employer wanted me to sign every time he pays me.

How do you save phone numbers?

I do not save phone numbers but I've crammed all the important phone numbers in my head. I have a great ability to memorize phone numbers and I never mistake or forget people numbers. I prefer my Nokia phone because I have crammed how to use it.

What is your relationship status?

I had a boyfriend, he used to send me messages and I couldn't read them so I was calling him every time he sends a text message. He was very surprised by my behaviour until one day I told him the truth that I could not read.

From then on he changed until we broke up.

It's hard for someone to believe I'm illiterate. Even though I have no education but looking smart is important and I love to look smart and beautiful.

I hope one day I will find someone who loves me the way I am. ”  Saumu, Mwanza.

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