I've lost my eyesight and not my personality, Story by Angel Kilasi

"I remember it was noon, as usual, I went to bed to rest with a lot of plans clicking in my head. After a deep sleep, I opened my eyes and wonder It was dark.

It was not usual, so I told my husband.  I had to be taken to the hospital.

The test results came back and shocked everyone who heard it. The doctors told me I could never see again.  I have been blind.

After responses from the hospital and experts confirmed I would never see again, so we decided to go back home, on our way home my husband abandoned me in the car and left me alone.

After realising I was alone I got scared and asked one of the passengers for a phone so I can call my husband, It was not a problem as I crammed his number.

My ears bleed from what I heard after I called my husband. He mercilessly told me he could not continue with me because I could not see him again so It's better if I'll make a plan to return to my parent's house.

I was very hurt.  It should be noted that I had a three-month-old baby.

Therefore I had to look for my mother, I grew up knowing her number too.

I told her what had happened to me, and with the help of good Samaritans, I managed to get home.

I got mental stress.  For three years I just locked myself inside.  I even considered suicide.

Thinking, I was able to do my own thing and then suddenly I became full dependent on everything from my parents ?. This was hard and very painful for me.

I was thinking what should I do? While my eyes can no longer see.  I was just crying. I felt like I was a loser and couldn't do anything. 

Later I started learning to sew.  My firstborn was helping me. So far I can sew table and sofa mats. That was the first time I saw a new light in my life.

Final say

So far I have been sewing fabrics.  I sing songs and have also written my book called "I've lost my eyesight and not my humanity (Nimepoteza macho na sio Utu)".

And this is after my ex-husband ran away from me after being blind.

To him I lost "humanity" but to me, I had just lost my sight but I can still do great things ". Angel Kilasi, Njombe.

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