How I turned challenges into opportunities

"When I was in college I liked to go for a walk in the salon of one catcher. At that time we didn't know each other because I was a stranger.

Every evening I went there because I had nowhere to go.

So we became very close to each other until we became friends.

He was mocking me that I had to learn how to trim because there is a deficit of employment and a lot of competition out there. At the time I did not understand him.

As the days went by he harshly insisted to me, there was a time when the children came he forced me to hold the machine and learn to shave.

Little by little I learned how to do it.

After I understood how to shave, he gave me one shaving machine and opened another frame so I could work there.

When I finish my college classes, in the evening I went there to shave.

I had few shillings and used them to buy saloon mirrors. He provided me with the rest of the things.

Thankfully I have now returned home and opened my saloon.

It's the third year I'm unemployed, but my life goes on well. "Joseph, Mwanza.

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