How I lost my ex-girlfriend, I still remember her

"It happened that I fell in love with a girl who worked at a bar. I liked her.

But the problem was at home. My parents did not want to hear about our relationship at all.

She indeed had a bad story in our street earlier. Everyone was speaking about her bad habits.

I tried to change her and she changed. We were living in love and happiness. Another misfortune came that she got miscarriages every time she gets pregnant.

We did not know what was the problem. She told me probably because she had had many abortions during her youth.

While we were in the process of finding a cure, one day my mother came home. I was not there and he found my girlfriend alone. That was a mistake.

My mother insulted her. About her scandals to her infertility. She left nothing (She spoke everything).

My mother left and my girlfriend carried everything she owned and left. When I returned, I found an empty house. Only my neighbours told me what had happened.

Since 2009 to date I have not seen my Sophia. I don't know where she went and I don't know how is she. I waited for her for so long. 

I am now married.  But every time I remember her my heart burns, I wish one day I could meet her and even apologize to my mother. What would I do and she didn't give me a single minute to defend myself ". Manga, Njombe.

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