Everything happens for a reason, My business story will inspire you

“When I started my first year at IFM I impregnated my girlfriend. I grew up with her since I was in Form 5. Unfortunately, she failed Form 4 and ended up right there.

She told me that the pregnancy was mine and I accepted and began to nurture the pregnancy.  Although it was a little struggle because I didn't have enough money for everything at the time.

Her hatred grew even worse. I didn't mind it I believed it was a pregnancy that was bothering her.

She went to her home to deliver. And she gave birth to a son. Three days later she told me the baby had died and after that, she couldn't pick my calls and my mother's. My mother cried a lot.

We had already bought a lot of items for her and the baby. There was a time I believed this was a game she was playing us but I kept on fighting and life went on. I moved on to a new life.

Later I met another woman and we fell in love though she was very jealous.

One day she came to the ghetto and I left her there because I was rushing to class. So she decided not to stay idle she started to do the cleansing. Unexpectedly she found the things we bought with mom are under my bed (for the kid).

When I came back I found her mad at me.  I asked her what's the wrong baby. She was very angry about the items and I had to find a way to defend myself and I told her that at the moment I wanted to open a business, especially for women and kids, so those were the samples.

So she was really happy to hear that and congratulated me and promised to be with me on my development journey.  In my heart, I was thinking where will I start while I have never even owned a business selling sweets.

Every day she kept reminding me of the business until I found myself opening up so I could keep that relationship. I have done it since I graduated from college to this day and have come to believe in that saying. 
Everything happens for a reason.
In short, I'm not yet employed but I have a life and I am very satisfied with this business. Thank you my love you came to me and became a blessing.  Your jealousy saved me.

 Thank you very much to Dear Ex. ”

 Cley, Mbeya.

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